√ 32° Venice Critics' Week / In Competition

√ 30° Tokyo International Film Festival / In Competition / Special Jury Price 

√ 23° Geneva International Film Festival / In Competition

√ 22° Festival International du Cinéma d'Auteur, Rabat / Cinéma du Monde

√ 41° Göteborg International Film Festival / Five Continents

√ 15° Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz / In Competition / Special Jury Price

√ 4° Moviemov Film Festival / Cinemateca of Manila Award

√ 47° Belgrade International Film Festival / Focus Europe

√ 16° Ischia Film Festival / Best Film & Best Soundtrack

√ 22° Bobbio Film Festival / Best Directors & Best Actress

A film by Silvia Luzi & Luca Bellino / First Feature

Produced by Tfilm and RaiCinema, with the support of Mibact, Britdoc and Pulse Films. 

Distribuited by La Sarraz (Italy), Sundance Channel, Cinémathèque Suisse, Visionary Thinking (Ex-Jugoslavia), Hishow Enterteinment (China), Filmatique (USA).

World Sales Alpha Violet

With Sharon Caroccia and Rosario Caroccia

In a cursed land, a father uses his daughter and her voice to take on the world and his own destiny. But success becomes an obsession, and talent becomes a punishment.
Crater is a fairy tale in reverse.

Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter: "Technically impressive filmaking"

Sarah Ward, Screen International: "A poignant slice of neo-realism"

The dream of Homer


√ EXTRA DOC Festival / In Competition / Audience Award

√ 24° Med Film Festival / Le Perle

√ Rome Independent Cinema Festival / Best Documentary

A documentary by Emiliano Aiello - 48'/2018

What does who lives without seeing dream about? What kind of images and figures populate his imagination and his dreams?

The Dream of Homer is the journey into the dreams of Rosa, Domenico, Gabriel, Daniela and Fabio: blind from birth, united by their condition and by the habit of narrating their dreams to a tape recorder, an oral diary that each one of them records every morning after getting out of bed.

The Dream of Homer is a poetic exploration of how our dreamsact to protect us, to secure us and to tell us and others something that could not even be imagined when awake.


The Threat

A documentary film by Silvia Luzi & Luca Bellino - 86'/2008 

√ David di Donatello / Nomination Best Documentary
√ New York Filmaker Prize / Best Documentary

A trip with President Chàvez over the largest oil reserve in the world, situated beneath the Orinoco River, becomes the occasion for which to enter into the lives of Venezuelans, ten years after the beginning of the Bolivarian revolution. The government missions to fight illiteracy and hunger, the creation of a public health care system and the development of an economy based on cooperative work are some of the achievements which characterize the Chàvez era. On the other hand are the country’s 60 violent deaths a week and its collapsing hospitals, the closure of the most popular television channel, the old European immigrants in flight, the opposition black list and the ubiquitous government propaganda. Venezuela en route to socialism: is this still possible in our post-ideological times?

On the art of war

On the Art of War

A documentary film by Silvia Luzi & Luca Bellino - 85'/2012 

√ CROSSING EUROPE / Best European Documentary
√ 56th DOK LEIPZIG / Nominations Leipziger Ring & Healthy Workplaces Film Award
√ 32° JEAN ROUCH FILM FESTIVAL / Prix Mario Ruspoli
√ PLANET+ DOC / Amnesty International Nomination
√ GLOBO D'ORO / Nomination Best Documentary
and several other prizes

Four workers climb a 20 meters high gantry crane inside the hangar of the INNSE, the last active factory in Milan. They threaten to throw themselves down to stop the dismantling of the machineries and the closure of the factory they work in. The hangar is surrounded by dozens of policemen and supporters from all over Italy and Europe.

The four workers resist for 8 days at 40° in only a few square meters. They resist because they have a clear strategy and an organized army. They know perfectly their territory and their enemy.

It is not a simple struggle: there are clear rules, it is a workable paradigm for all forms of struggle.